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Domestic Air Ambulance Service

Air Rescuers provide domestic medical air ambulance to and from every metropolitan city & town in India. Strategically located in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta and Chennai the quick and effective deployment of our air ambulances can take us anywhere in the India within very limited time frames. We provide a extensive choice of large fleet dedicated air ambulance aircrafts that are completely furnished with state-of-the-art medical equipment's and can be flight ready even on short notices. This strategic placement also helps to keep our costs competitive the necessity for long distance flights to and from, for our patients.

International Air Ambulance Service

Air Rescuers international air ambulance services provide a program that is designed and capable of transporting a patient to any part of the world. Our medical aircraft are furnished with state of the art equipment that designate us to fly worldwide, regularly completing air ambulance flights to make it to far East Asia, Europe, The United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, Caribbean and the Gulf Countries. We have built strong professional relationships with private sector, government and military with thousands of medical flights accomplished. Our flight coordinators have good experience in handling all the essential arrangements of international travel, from working with foreign consulates and customs to arranging ground transportation and stay and handling all details besmeared with the medical transport.

Commercial Medical Escort

The Commercial medical escort will also see through the boarding, de-planning, security clearance and any other issues related to the travel. Once the trip is exhaustive, the medical escort will accompany the patient to the receiving facility, and offer their post-flight report to ensure a safe and tranquil transition for the patient. Upon sanction, we will schedule the trip and purchase first class or business class seats, arrange for ground ambulance transport on both ends, and take care of all necessary paperwork with the airlines, as well as with the sending and receiving facility. We will perform a medical evaluation former to arranging the trip to ensure that it is safe for the patient to fly on a commercial aircraft.


A helicopter is the most versatile flying machine in existence today.

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